Join the embedded revolution

Blueberry Embedded provides products that combine the power and performance of smartphone processor technology with the specifications and reliability demanded by industrial and embedded applications. Whether you need an upgrade path to for a legacy platform, or you are developing a new product that needs web 2.0 features, Blueberry Embedded is here to help.

General purpose embedded platform

While it might be tempting to try to build a product around something like Raspberry Pi®, Blueberry Embedded's general purpose compute platform is an ideal alternative for new designs, with its ARM Cortex-A8 SoC running a reliable, fully tested, turnkey Linux build. The platform includes support for a wide range of hardware options, including dual Ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth, USB (host and/or device), and up to 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports. All of this comes in a compact, low-cost, fanless system running on less than 5 Watts with industrial temperature specifications.

Legacy upgrade solutions

Are you trapped on a proprietary platform that has not kept up with current technology, or has not ridden the cost curve lower by taking advantage of open source software or modern SoCs? Would you like to keep your legacy application code in place while adding features like modern security protocols or over-the-air firmware updates? Blueberry Embedded specializes in building systems that are both hardware and software compatible with legacy platforms, giving our customers an easy upgrade path without the hassle of a risky - and expensive - application software port. We have drop in solutions for many Rabbit modules and looking to add other legacy platforms to our portfolio.

Contact us with your system requirements so we can determine the best way to get you on a path to the modern embedded computing era.

Product Areas

RabbitCore® compatible modules
Compile Dynamic C® code to run on our Linux platform. Hardware is pin compatible with most RabbitCore® devices and includes > 2GB of flash.
Embedded compute modules
Designed for integration with customer hardware. Linux running on ARM Cortex™ processor with optional Ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth, USB, and up to 4 serial ports.
Low-power Linux computers
Our embedded compute modules integrated into a standalone fanless enclosure. Functional replacements for Moxa® ARM systems including the UC-7000 series.
Semi-custom products
Modified versions of our standard products to provide legacy hardware and software compatibility.